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Options to get more views on YouTube videos

The way that you get more subscribers and views on your YouTube channel is simple:

Stop worrying about getting more subscribers and viewers. Many people put emphasis on getting more views and subscribers, but less emphasis on the type of content they are making on their channels.

Content should be original

If you are making any original content with passion and reaching the right community, you will start getting views. First of all, you need to understand that any material that is posted on YouTube or any other platform needed to be valuable.

Change Your Title & Description

What is your video related to? Take the time to choose the correct KEYWORD PHRASE and add it to your title. Make sure it is a relevant keyword that you know your audience is actually searching for when they go to YouTube.

Upload more videos

Quality matters but so does Quantity. Find the right balance that works for you. Just make sure you're providing a reason for someone to come back to your channel and watch more videos. Watch time is the most important ranking factor.

Social Media

It goes without saying that Social Media is extremely important. Make sure you share your videos with everyone you’re connected to on Social Media.

Keep Email List

Build the email list of your subscriber. It is something you control. You get to decide when to send the update email to your subscribers.


You should also have a website with blog where you write blog posts that fit hand in glove with your videos. This way you can embed your videos in your blog posts and now you get more views and subsriber of your youtube video. Get a website with blog only $5
Know how to get a free blog


Commenting on other people’s videos can have a major impact on the amount of views your videos and profile receive. But the first thing you should do after uploading a video is be the first to comment on it.


As you share your video among your social network and on forums, ask people to rate it high. A high rated video will show up higher on search results.


The very first thing you should do after uploading a video is go to Blog and Ping Too. Amongst other things, pinging informs the search engines that there is new content available for indexing.

Keep in mind that for ranking in YouTube you should have a great, engaging title starting with your keyword. Engaging featured image and of course an informative description.

You need to tell about it in your title and description and remember to use keywords you are targeting.





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