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Fast and Easiest way to install wordpress and start blogging

What is wordpress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which is used to create website and blog very easily. There is no any coding experience is required to develop a blog or website using wordpress. It means we can create my website itselft just a few clicks.

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How to install wordpress

There are mainly two ways to install wordpress.

1. Using cpanel software

2. Uploading wordpress using cpanel file manager


1. Using cpanel software (Very fast step to install wordpress using cpanel)

Step - 1. Login to your hosting cpanel. If you don't have a hosting. Click here to buy

Step - 2. Click on "wordpress" option under the section "SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER"

Step - 3. Click on "Install Now"

Step - 4. Select the latest wordpress version, installation URL, type the site name, site description, admin user name, password, email

Step - 5. Now select the theme and click on "Install"

Step - 6. After installation you will get the website URL and administrative URL

Step - 7. Now login through administrative URL and manage your website or blog

2. Uploading wordpress using cpanel file manager

Step - 1. Go to and download the latest version of wordpress

Step - 2. Login to your hosting cpanel. If you don't have a hosting. Click here to buy

Step - 3. Upload the wordpress downloaded zip in "public_html" or any other folder

Step - 4. Extract the file

Step - 5. Now go to the website url. If wordpress is uploaded in "public_html" then open your website by typing its name. Otherwise go to the related URL and click on "Continue" button.

Step - 6. Click on "Let's go!" button

Step - 7. Now you will see this form here you need to enter the database name, username, password and database host. So before enter these details you have to create a database first.

Here is a step to create a database with username and password

Step - 8. Login to your hosting cpanel and click on "MySQL Databases"

Step - 9. Copy the created database name and paste it to the text editor such as notepad

Step - 10. Now go back and create a database user name with password and paste the user name and password to the text editor such as notepad

Step - 11. Now add the user to database and set "ALL PRIVILEGES".

Step - 12. Now copy and paste the database name, user name, password and host (It is mainly localhost) which is earlier pasted in your text editor such as notepad.

Step - 13. Now type website title, website admin user name, password and email

Step - 14. Click on "Log In" button to go to admin section and type the admin user name and password there. Now login and manage your website and blog.

How to create your first post in wordpress

Here is the steps to create a post in wordpress

Step 1. Login to your admin area

Step 2. Click on "Post" -> "Add New"

Step 3. Type the post title and content with images, video etc

Step 4. Publish your post. Now this post will be appeared on your website or blog


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