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Create a free website using google website builder for your small business

What is Google Website Builder

Google provide a free service as single-page website builder which is designed for small businesses. It allows the small business owner to create and edit websites in minutes and the website can be easily managed through mobile or desktop. Throgh mobile you have to use "google my business" app.

Google will help you to create a beautiful website to impress and engage new customers and establish your business online.

These days most of small businesses didn't have a website. Their owners don't have the time or resources to develop their own websites. Google My Business account access is a free, quick and single page website builder. It is fully customizable.

In other wordpress we can say that, If your small business wants to build a simple and informative site in few minutes then Google’s website builder is good.


How to create a website using Google Website Builder

This is the steps when you are logout from gmail.

Step - 1 Click this link to go to google website builder


Step - 2 Type your business name



Step - 3 Select a gmail account



Step - 4 Type the business category



Step - 5 Select the option for business location




Step - 6 Select the region of your business



Step - 7 Type the phone number of your business



Step - 8 Now the website is ready. You will show the message "Welcome to your site".



Here is the dashboard of your website which allows you to manage the themes and website contents.


How to customize or manage your free google website

Google’s website builder will automatically generate an initial website for you, with your business’

name, location, hours, contact information, posts, photos etc. You can customize the theme and

contents such as post, photos and language etc.


You can chooses a good theme for your website. The font and colour scheme is customizable. In the edit tool, you can also edit your website’s headline, description, summary header, and summary body.


In the Photos tool, you can upload photos and product images. You can also upload your own cover photo to your website.

Post - Create a first post


Step - 1 Click on post



Step - 2 Click on "Create your first post"


Step - 3 Select the photo and type the content of your post

If you are looking for a free and easy way to grow your business and online presence then Google’s Website Builder is good.

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