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What is Dedicated Hosting Server and Why We use it

What is Dedicated Hosting Server

In the Web hosting service, a dedicated server is typically a high capacity rented service. The user rents the server, software and an Internet connection from the web hosting company. Dedicated Server is kept in a climate-controlled server room and it is  maintained by expert engineers.

In other words, A dedicated hosting server or dedicated server is a type of web hosting in which the user get an entire server (hardware and software) not shared with anyone else.As for example, it is same that leases a house with garden and other facility.

This hosting is more flexible than shared and vps hosting. Becasue the user of dedicated hosting have full control over the server.

In a shared hosting server our website is using a limited resources with an unknown number of other website. This makes a website of application visitor experience slow. But when we use dedicated servers from the web hosting company then the service provider sets the entire server (Operating System, Hardware, Other Softwares) to handle the workload the website requires.

In other words we can say that, the dedicated hosting allows me to use the entire machine with all huge amount of resources.

Different between shared hosting and dedicated hosting

There are lot of difference between shared hosting service and dedicated hosting service.

The main difference is that

A dedicated server hosting is more reliable and secure than a shared hosting which utilize shared resources between clients. A dedicated server is reserved with 100% of the operating system and hardware resources allocated to the users.
In Shared Hosting the websites of more users are hosted in a single machine and OS. But in Dedicated Hosting as a service  not other users will share Internet connectivity, hardware and disk space and the entire system.


Shared hosting stores our site on a server with  hundreds of others. For small blogs or very small businesses, this hosting is sufficient. But it is not the best option for performance, and we also lose out on flexibility because we can not configure operating system and resources itself.


On the other hand, a Dedicated Hosting Server gives your site its own space, separate from other web sites. Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful hosting service available, along with cloud hosting.


Security is important for every website. The website hosted in shared server have a risk of viruses, hacks, and other risks.


With a dedicated server we are completely control of your website's security. It means we can optimize the features we need for the specific requirements of our website and stored files. Of course, you’re also responsible for how these features are implemented, but this is one of the benefits of flexibility.


Dedicated Hosting For Software Provider

Because dadicated hosting allows us very good speed with enough hordware resources so it is more secure and very good for online application software such as Software As A Service (SAAS).


Why we use Dedicated Hosting Server Or Benefits to Dedicated Servers

Our web applications and websites have the facility to use all the resources on the server, without worrying for resources with other applications.

The software and hardware resourcses of dedicated hosting server is fully customizable. So we can do the setting as we need for our application or website.

We can request more capacity CPUs, more extensive networks, and more disk space if our applications or websites require them. We can also also upgrade to a faster and larger server that can handle the workload of our websites and applications need.

The service provider steps in to take over most of the management such as security, memory, storage and technical related support. Dedicated hosting servers are hosted in data centers, they often providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems.

Dedicated hosting service offers the user more benefits of high performance, security, email stability and control. A dedicated server allows more control over our hardware and software.

There are very less chance to have our programs and websites hacked because our sites and data reside outside of a public cloud with meany security features available on the operating system. The security features are customizable, So we can customize the security according to our needs.

What is In-House or Off-Site Dedicated Hosting Servers

In-House Dedicated Hosting Servers

If we choose to keep the server in-house, We will have an appropriate place to keep the server. It will need a climate controlled room with good network connections.

The benefit of In-House Dedicated Hosting is that we have a complete physical control of the hardware and who has access to it. This is extremely useful for companies that require the high level security of a closed network.

Companies that deal with financial data, medical records, or sensitive government data are mostly choose this option.

The drawback of In-House Dedicated Hosting server is maintenance and scalability. We have to hire high quality technicians for regularly update of hardware and software and also to take regularily backup of the data. We must have a server room with climate controlled.

Off-Site Dedicated Hosting Servers

When we choose an Off-site servers provided by the hosting company, there is no worry about server room and technicians. We also don't have to worry about complexity of backups, redundancy, maintenance and  regularly updation of hardware and software. These all are managed by the hosting company which provide me that hosting service.

Dedicated Hosting server is relatively very high price. Therefore it is mostly used by websites or web applications that receive a large volume of traffic and need more sotorage capacity with high speeds.





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