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What is vps hosting and Why we use it

What is vps hosting

A Virtual Private Hosting server (VPS) is a virtual machine which is given as a service by the hosting company. This hosting server runs on its own operating system. So the customer or user of the Virtual Private Hosting Server have the admin level access of that operating system.

It means the user of this server can install any type of software which will run on that operating system.

This hosting server is equivalend to dedicated server. It have many features of dedicated hosting server with some of shared hosting server. The price of VPS server is much lower than that of equivalent dedicated server. However, VPS share the physical hardware of server to other VPS users. But they don't share the operating system to others because they run on thier own OS.

In other words we can say VPS is a type of hosting that virtually get the features of expensive dedicated server. This is very popular choice because their price is lower than dedicated hosting server but it provides better speed, reliability and security than shared hosting.

What is difference between vps hosting and shared hosting


1. Users of VPS hosting server get root or admin access to the server. That features gives them the freedom to install or unnstall the  applications or software and allow them software configurations changes.
 In shared hosting that options are not allowed.
2. With VPS hosting the user won’t have to worry about hardware resource limitations because VPS environments offer more resources for the websites.
But in shared hosting their is limited hardware resources.
3. The VPS hosting have more security than that of shared hosting so the hacking chances is very low. This hosting have multi layered network security that keep safe your website contents or data. In VPS server user can do customization in  their security software, that becomes the hosting secure.
The website hosted in shared hosting environment may have less security.
4. In shared hosting environment, multiple sites hosted on a single web server, and also they have no guarantee of resources. But VPS hosting environment allows minimum users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor.


Why we use the Virtual Private Hosting

If user don’t have a need of entire dedicated server but want to share the quality features of dedicated hosting server than VPS is a good choice. Because if user buy a vps server, than they only pay what is thier needs.

VPS is a more powerful hosting than shared hosting. The good thing about VPS is that it emulates a dedicated hosting environment but with allocated system resources which  is divided between individual websites.

The performance with data protection, security and control is good than that of shared environment. The website hosted in VPS is fast and reliable, that becomes this hosting very popular.

If you don't wants a pain of slow loading speeds of your websites and also don't want to invest more money than it is for you.

How VPS hosting work

It is used by the virtual machine manager such as VMware or Virtualbox. which is implemented by the hosting service provider.







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