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12 effective ways to increase followers on twitter

It is intially not an easy task but when you get more than 100 followers then it will become easy to increase followers on twitter.

There are a few simple things you can do to increase your followers on twitter.


  1. Always fully complete your twitter profile because if you have not flled in your profile then people don't know more about you so they can ignore you. Your Bio should be perfectly written. You have a limited space for your bio, so with the character limit, you need to impressively say why you are nice and why people should follow you. Write your passion, strength and your achievements in your twitter bio. Also use relevant hashtags in your bio to make it more searchable.
  2. Your twitter profile should be real not fake or duplicate. Always include your real name, photo, a compelling bio, a header image and interesting tweets.
  3. Your tweet should be informational and usefull, retweet great tweets you see, and people will soon follow. A Great content marketing strategy can help you to get maximum followers. Everything you post on Twitter must be valuable to your audience. It should help them solve a problem, keep them informed, entertain them. Use Twitter polls and ask questions. Include visual assets in your Tweets and Develop a themed content series.
  4. Engagement is necessary. It means don’t just follow people, start a conversation because people are more likely to follow see that you are a good conversationalist. Engaging is the key to a successful Twitter account.
  5. Tell your friend and people include other social media friend and people that you are in twitter. Ask them to connect with me on twitter. Share your Twitter link on all your other social media platforms. Simply telling your followers on other social media, to follow you on Twitter. You can gain lots of new followers. Because if people who follow you on other platforms intersetd with your work, then surely they will want to follow you on Twitter aswell.
  6.  Learn about hashtags and its use. A good idea to find hashtag is to use the auto suggestions twitter gives you when you start typing your hashtag. Tweets that includes hashtags has shown to be more effective than those without. They will help you attract new followers. You will get the right followers that truly likes your post.
  7. Don't buy any fake followers. This can not help you. You should include images in your tweets as much as you can, since research shows that tweets with images receive more engagement.
  8. If you want to get in the views of your potential audience then you have to first go and follow the influencers in your categories. It is from their twitter activities. Post the relevant replies for the tweets these influencers tweet. Don’t be scared to reply a link of your post. The influencers have many followers who see their tweets and also the replies to others.
  9. Removing inactive users is so important to maintain the ratio of followers and followings. To perform this activity use some good online tools which allows you to remove users who didn’t followed you back or not active from a long time.
  10. Start Using Most Re-Tweeteble Words In Your Tweets. One of the most effective way to start using the words which are getting most re-tweets. Twitter analytics tools allow you to analyze that data and measure your performance for Twitter metrics over time. Twitter analytics help you to learn about your audience, Find out what content mater for your audience, Post at optimal times etc.
  11. Use Call To Action In Your Tweets. Because a simple call to action will help your audience get engage more with your tweets. Also use links in your tweets because tweets with link has shown to get more retweets and it can increase your followers.
  12. Mention people in your tweets. Because by mentioning people in your tweets, you make them more aware of your account and possibly, they will start following you.




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