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Give your 30 minutes and create a well designed and user friendly blog using wordpress

Create a well designed and user friendly blog using wordpress.

There is no any coding experience is required to develop a blog or website using wordpress.

Table of Contents
  • What is wordpress
  • Use of Wordpress
  • Wordpress is free
  • Wordpress Themes
  • Other features of Wordpress
  • How to use wordpress & Wordpress Hosting
  • Wordpress Plugins
  • How to find WordPress Help


What is wordpress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which is used to create website and blog very easily. There is no any coding experience is required to develop a blog or website using wordpress. It means we can create my website itselft just a few clicks.

Wordpress is writtent in PHP programming language and it is using MySQL as a database. Wordpressuses theme or templates which is mostly free available on internet if you required more advance and secure theme then we must have to buy this.

A lots of plugins available in wordpress which allow the user to add usefull functions in their website such a online selling features, SEO features etc.

Current days the wordpress is very popular platform for website and blog. Because we can create a good website within 30 minutes with the help of wordpress. Once installed we will find a user friendly dashboard which allows the user to edit website contents easily and quickly.

Wordpress is flexible it is a good choice for any type of website. WordPress allows the user  to add functionality by using different themes and plugins.


Use of Wordpress

Earlier wordpress was used to create only a blog. But nowdays it can be used for any type of

website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. It is also a popular tool for eCommerce website.


  1.     Business websites
  2.     eCommerce websites
  3.     Blogs
  4.     Portfolio or Personal Websites
  5.     Forums
  6.     Membership sites
  7.     Educational Websites

    and more


WordPress is Free

Wordpress is an open source tools therefore it is completely free on internet. We can download the wordpress from and install it online on the web hosting server. It is free to modify the source code of wordpress if you or your developer know php language.

Wordpress Themes

Themes or templates is normally allow user to change the look and structure of a WordPress website without editing the core code or website content. In other words wordpress user can change the design of your website very fastly by installing themes. Such as website menu, section, header, footer, banner, logo, fonts, contact forms etc.

When the user install wordpress then one default themes is already installed. Altough the WordPress users can install or switch to different themes.

Wordpress themes are generally classified into two categories: free and paid.

Many free themes are listed in the Premium themes are available for purchase from theme selling company or WordPress developers. WordPress users may also create and develop their own custom themes.

List of some free themes

Download attractive premimum theme for your website or blog

Download popular theme for blog or news website


Other features of Wordpress

  • The website created using wordpress is a search engine friendly website. That can be rank on google.
  • It hase a clean permalink structure. If we create a post in wordpress it can be linked with multiple categories.
  • WordPress posts can be edited in HTML through their text editor or we canalso install advance text editor plugin according to our needs.


How to use wordpress or host wordpress

To use wordpress we need a domain and hosting. There are mainly 3 ways to use the wordpress for website.

1. Host with your own hosting and domain

If you want to run WordPress on your own web hosting account and own domain. You have to download the wordpress from

Download Wordpress Now

After download, you have to required a hosting to host or upload the wordpress files and a domain to link your hosting.

Get a wordpress hosting for your wordpress website

Get a domain for your wordpress website

2. Host with managed wordpress hosting

If you have a domain then you don't need to download wordpress separately. Because a lots of web hosting company provides managed wordpress hosting for your wordpress website or blog. It means when you buy the managed wordpress hosting, there is no need to worry about installation. It is already installed on the server.

Get a managed wordpress hosting

3. Host to allows you to  create a website for free in just a few minutes. It’s simple to use, but you lose the flexibility of the self hosted WordPress. For free website  you will get a subdomain name instead of domain. If you want to use your own domain then you must have to pay some charge for it. Approxemately $3 to $5 per month.

You can not use all of the themes and plugins that are available. If you need it then some of get charged.

Wordpress Plugins

The plugin of wordpress is a set of files which allows user to extend or add more features and functionality in a website or blog. The plugins can also be customized by wordpress website developer according to user's need.

Some of the plugins are free and some are paid.

List of some free plugin

List of some paid plugin

How to find WordPress Help

These days Wordpress is popular so it is easy to find the help related to your wordpress website.

    From Blogs

    Online Tutorials

    Forums and Facebook Groups

    Freelance Wordpress Developers

    Website Service Company etc

Do you have more queries about wordpress. Please do contact us.


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