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What is a website and How to create a professional website or blog

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  1. What is Website
  2. How to get domain
  3. How to design a website
  4. How to get hosting
  5. What is Subdomain
  6. How to link or configure domain to your website hosting
  7. How to upload website to your web hosting

What is Website

Before creating website we comes to the point what is website.

A website is a collection of web pages. Then what is web pages? Currently you are viewingg/reading this page, that page is called web page. It means the web page is a collection of hyper text, images, forms, audio, video and other related files of the website.

Website ex. - (This is also called website link or website url)

Here www stands for world wide web, msofth is a website's domain name and .com is a domain extension.

In other words a site or website is an online property which is accessed by the visitor from all over the world which have internet connection.

How to get domain name for website

To create a website we need a domain name.Domain name normally a website name that i explained above. Domain name is very important for a website because the website we create is indentified by only with the domain name. Read more about domain.

The domain name can be registered through domain registrar company such as godaddy, bluehost, hostgator, Namecheap etc. Check and register a domain for your website.

Register a domain name from

How to design a website

When the website's domain is registered we need to design a website. There is mainly two methods to design a website.

1. If we have a knowledge of coding such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc.

2. Without any deep technical knowledge

In 1st method we need to learn the coding, which is time taking process. To save the time we need to take a service from the website designing company which will be responsible for all the work related to website and which have good designer that can make a professional website for you within very short time.

They will also help you to buy the domain and web hosting and all service related to website or blog. If you don't have a time you must need to take a service from website company or hire a freelance web desginer at affordable charges.

Give your website or blog work to website designing or development company OR Hire an affordable freelance website designer or developer.

In second method you need to install a wordpress tools in your web hosting or website hosting.

How to get Wordpress managed hosting for for Blog or Website

Website hoting is a service provided by the web hosting company to host or store your website's file. Know more about web hosting.

There are lots of web hosting service provider that offers you to create a website without any deep technical knowledge. For this we have to take a managed wordpress hosting.

Get a managed wordpress hosting for your website or blog.


What is Subdomain

Subdomain is a folder which kept under the main domain. It is created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. You can create multiple subdomains on your main domain. Subdomains are also called child domains. As for example see this website link "" OR". Here blog is a subdmain which is here used to create a blog pages.

How to link or configure domain to your website hosting

To live or online our website we must need to set the name server of the domain (DNS) with name server of the hosting.

Steps to change name server

Step 1 - Login to domain registrar website

Step 2 - Select the domain

Step 3 - Click on Name Server option or DNS

Step 4 - Type the name server and save it


How to upload website to your web hosting

Steps to upload website files such as html file, php file, images to the hosting

Step 1 - Login to cpanel

Step 2 - Go to "File Manager"

Step 3 - Go to "public_html" folder

Step 4 - Upload the website

Do you have more questions or help about website or blog? Do Contact us.

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